Top 10 US TV Series’ You Cannot Miss

# US TV Series

English drama trash is what they call many of us who spend hours in bed, bag of chips in hand, binge watching on our favourite television series and that’s probably how “Netflix and Chill” came about. Here are 10 TV series that you cannot afford to miss, be it those in trend everybody is going crazy about, or past series awaiting a future season release!

1.  Arrowarrow

Oliver Queen, also more widely known as the “Green Arrow”. The things he’s been through will make your eyes open in amazement at how he’s still up and about with a heart full of compassion although he sure has an unorthodox way of caring for the people around him with his cold-hearted murders with the well-aimed shot of his arrow. Be sure to follow this series alongside “The Flash” and “Super Girl” concurrently to ensure you don’t get lost in translation with the constant cross references and episode combinations.

2. Game of ThronesGame Of Thrones

A must watch for those whose hearts can get past the gore of war to catch the underlying heartfelt message. A power struggle to remain atop, in control, Game of Thrones tugs on the heart strings of every watching individual, building up on emotional connections then a sudden plot twist that leaves viewers wanting more. One of the most popular series’ of our time, viewers camp by their laptops awaiting each week’s latest episode release.

3. Gossip GirlGossip Girls

Perceived by many to be another one of those “bimbotic” shows but Gossip Girl covers a variety of social issues faced by teenagers in this day and age – social out-casting, college choices, of wanting to stay in and out of the spot light for each of their various reasons. Gossip Girl is a must-watch for every teenager growing up, as they figure their way through life, battling issues faced in every day situations, as a guide showing the various outcomes of different choices.

4. How I Met Your Motherhowimetyourmother

A unique sense of humour that may, occasionally, take the passing of a few episodes to catch the line of unorthodox humour but catch it and you’re hooked. Spend the weekend in bed with “How I Met Your Mother” and you’re assured one full of stomach-hurting laughter and smiles. Join Ted and Barney in their adventures as they try to make the best out of the bad situations they constantly land themselves in.

5.Orange is the New BlackOrange is the new Black

A controversial television series that often comes as a hit or miss, covering less well-broadcasted issues of lesbianism and prison time. A series that may take time to get over the differences, but once you do, you’re hooked. One that makes you go “what the f***” at the sudden change of events but nevertheless, a captivating tale that tugs on the heart strings of viewers and leaves you wanting more.

6. Pretty Little Liarsprettlygirlliars

A series that tests the friendship shared between these 5 friends, as they battle anonymous “A” and her random antics. Join these girls as they seek to avenge the sudden disappearance of their “Queen Bee” and the many ups and downs they face, characters being added and removed from each season. Pretty Little Liars is a television series popular among teenagers, but side note, watch the latest episode releases in the day, things happen at night that is bound to give you some of the greatest shocks at night.

7. SuitsSuits Series

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” And that is exactly what Mike Ross has done in this television series. Join him in his journey, a bright young boy with his entire future planned out for him securing a place at the revered Harvard, then seeing his dreams crumble down. Watch as he makes the best of a bad situation and uses his perfect memory and witty intelligence to overcome all odds and become one of New York City’s top lawyers despite not having actually attended any law school Ivy League or not, or graduating from a high school for that matter.

8. The Big Bang Theorybigbangtheory

Classified as nerds due to their abundance of knowledge in the field of quantum physics, The Big Bang Theory is the epitome of every high school nerd’s life as they ace difficult tests yet cannot find the words to hold actual conversation with a girl. Full of laughs as they try to find a way through college, making new friends and then some, the Big Bang Theory exemplifies that to succeed in life, intellectual knowledge is not enough.

9. The Flashflash

Join Barry Ellen in his world-saving attempts after being gifted with super speed after the explosion of one of the city’s biggest and most advanced science labs. Watch Flash, Arrow and Supergirl concurrently so you don’t get lost in confusion when references are made across these 3 series that are currently on air.

10. White Collarwhitecollar

Prison break with 6 weeks left of a 4-year sentence. Who‘d in their right mind would do that? Neil Caffrey would, for the love of his life or so he thought. Join Neil in his attempts to make things right in his life, breaking tradition and turning into one of the FBI’s greatest asset in the white collar division. Explains the series’ title now? Catch all 6 seasons of white collar today. Featuring an eloquent main character, it’s a long time favourite of many English television series junkie.

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