Struck by Social (media)

#Struck by Social Media

Recently, many new social media applications have popped up on the app store and Google play store. Keep in trend; social media app popularity come-and-go as quickly as fashion trends do, if not faster. Here are some applications you have to download and play around with your friends; you’re bound to have some fun with them!1media

Ok. Face it. Instagram has been around for the past 5 years since its debut in October 2010. However, it only caught on in 2012 and despite the fluctuating success of many of it competing apps, Instagram has managed to stay atop. What initially started off as a platform to share moments of daily life in all of its glamour (or lack there off), Instagram has taken a turn where photograms are now categorized to be “Insta-worthy” or not. Check out some of the latest trending feeds like the “Tumblr Turnout” and “Pet Accounts”:

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