Reading – for Recreation or Results?

#Recreation or Results

With the competitive education system in Singapore, many youths have shied away from the long-cultivated habit of reading and most are done for class credit or to complete a school-related assignment. When probed, many replies are coherent in their views where most books are ultimately turned into movies so why waste days, weeks even, finishing a book when all it’ll take is 2 hours to watch the movie upon its release and still get the gist of the story plot. Coming from an avid reader, here are some reasons why reading is still held in such reverence to many of us:

1. Different PerspectivesRecreation1

Reading exposes you to the perspective of a writer. Take “An Object of Beauty” by Steve Martin as an apt example as he divulges into the Upper East and Lower West side of New York City from a neutral standing. To many, New York City is nothing more than the hustle and bustle of city life, with streets decked in the most extravagant brands; but Steve Martin exposes an entirely different side to New York City, one you have to read to fully understand because even born and bred New Yorkers remain oblivious to the other side.

2. Rare Experiencesrecreation2

Think about this for a second, in your (varied) life spans, what are the chances that you’ll get the opportunity to try and experience everything for yourself? Chances are, never. That’s the beauty of a good book, to draw you in and let you experience things you probably won’t get to personally experience. “Land of Fire” by Chris Ryan is a classic example – what’s the probability of you being able to fight an Iranian war on the front lines in this lifetime? Probably close to zero so read a little and experience it indirectly as they share their experiences, thoughts and feelings first-hand.

3. Innovative Opinionsrecreation3

Take JK Rowling and her famed Harry Potter series. The level of creativity and details incorporated into her writing is beyond the imagination of most. Many writers express themselves in the books they publish, and you get to see a side not shown to many, even to their closest friends. Read, learn and understand how the writer thinks, and enjoy the beauty of their thoughts and take on various subject matters.

4. Varied Languagerecreation4

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