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Moving homes is one of the most exciting yet dreaded tasks. Youths’ excitement to get their own rooms in a new house? Yes! Then comes parents’ most dreaded decision to make – how to decorate the rooms so their kids will love it. Here are some classic themes to help you make this tough decision:

  1. Monochrome Madness


Caught up in the monochrome madness? Find yourself inclined to purchase items in black, white and shades of grey? Constantly see your teenage kid leave the house donned in full black and/or white? This is the room that your child is bound to love! Decked entirely in black, white and shades of grey, it’s every monochrome-fanatic’s dream room. Just a word of caution though, paint the walls in white and/or lighter hues of grey as dark colours give off the impression of a smaller room that occasionally causes a tinge of claustrophobia.

  1. Pastel Paradise


Find your phone display still too bright for your liking despite having it set at the dimmest possible? Wonder how people leave the house in those neon colours as you wander the streets on the weekends? Your pastel preference has not gone unnoticed. In actual fact, it’s one of the easiest themes to dress up any room because the light colour hues gives off the impression of a bigger space and of course, colour matching will not be a problem – they all match!

  1. Disney Wonderland


“M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E It’s a Mickey Mouse, clubhouse!” Hear this catchy jingle in the background as you prepare dinner in the kitchen while your child is seated, eyes fixated on the television screen? Find their favourite Disney character – Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Lion King etc; and make that the main theme for their new room. Kids at this age simply idolise these Disney characters, and are bound to love you a whole lot more if you give them the room of their dreams.

  1. Zootopia Fun


For all the animal lovers out there, this is the room for you! Need we say more? Pick your favourite animal, paint its picture on the wall or use its skin design as the base of your room’s wallpaper and furniture décor. You simply can’t go wrong when it comes to animal prints!

  1. Abstract Automation


Artsy-fartsy? Easy-peasy. Find some pieces of art therapeutic? Send a picture of your favourite prints to the printers and get them printed and pasted as your new wallpaper. It’s bound to add a fresh touch of colour to your room! Or if it’s for a hands-on kid, buy them a large piece of canvas, a box of acrylics and let them run wild with the colours! Even if it’s displeasing to your eye (although we all know that whatever your kid has done you’ll still be proud of them) at least it was done by them personally and they’ll have a keepsake of their youthful imaginations to accompany them as they grow up and enter different phases of life.

  1. Princess Palace


Most children remember their ABCs the easy way – a for apple, b for boy, c for cat etc. What happens when you find your child telling you it’s a for Aurora, b for Belle and c for Cinderella? The Disney princess addiction has clearly caught on from a young and tender age. Deck her walls in shades of pink, with fairy lights on the bed frames and chiffon curtains around. She will love the feeling of waking up feeling like a princess every day (and may find getting up for school a tad bit easier).

  1. Floral Finds


Do away with the mindset that floral designs signifies a “girlier” room. Floral room designs can be classy as well depending on the colour choice. Waking up to a sight of nature in the room improves your mental health, and gives you a nice breather as you take a short study break!


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