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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the healthiest of them all?

Among the extensive developments within the scientific industry, we are bombarded with an array of beneficial supplements and health oriented products. The need to lead a healthy lifestyle has continued to be prevalent as we source out the best for our family and friends. You may have developed the best formula for your healthy regime, but we assure you that if you have not included the gifts of nature, that regime of yours has not reached its peak. Established since 1977, Lao Ban Niang specializes in bringing their customers premier Traditional Chinese Medicine, groceries and sundries at an affordable price.

Empowering your health


We may face several health issues with prevailing symptoms. Most of us however, are not equipped with the knowledge to identify the necessary herbs that may be beneficial to the state of our health. Boosting the very first online store that carries a plethora of Chinese herbs, Lao Ban Niang understands the needs of the ever growing industry and caters to every generation that deserves the right to live a healthier and fruitful life. With Lao Ban Niang’s online platform and helpful assistants at their stores, finding the right products for you would be nothing more than a breeze. These herbs are bound to improve your health and ensures that your body has all the necessary nutrients to build up a sturdy immune system over time, rather than a speedy solution.

A better livelihood, a brighter future


Lao Ban Niang has also recently expanded to include confinement packages with all forms of dietary solutions and even herbal bath therapy products. The confinement offerings are specially catered to enhance the post delivery process, boost mothers’ immunity system, and free them from the hassle of sourcing out for their needs. With their new diversification and a comprehensive selection of organic items, nutrionals teas, sundries, seafood and herbs, Lao Ban Niang dedicates itself in serving all the household needs in our heartland.


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