Hey guys! Have you missing the big picture?


In a result oriented society, we are inevitably preys to the stressful deadlines that allow us to brave the career ladder. Aspirations and goals are important but we should never compromise our health for the trivial worries of today. While staring at the computer for endless hours, you may be missing the big picture that could not only enhance your productivity but also improve your health. So what’s that big picture? That very chair you are sitting in, while reading this.

Shedding light on the “Real” worth.

The way you sit and the hours you spend sitting may have severe implications on your health. Such implications would include cervical spondylosis, stress on your spine and even pressure on your hips. Thus, it is important to invest in a well-designed chair that supports your postures and reduces the risk of back and neck strains, alternatively known as ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs are equipped with backrests that possess lumbar support ensuring that your back is in a comfortable position, allowing you to maintain a good posture as well. Additionally, the adjustable features of ergonomic chairs can optimize leg comfort, increase blood circulation and minimize repetitive strain injury.

Toss the idea of instant gratification.

The benefits of investing in an ergonomic chair is rarely instant and probably hard to validate. Employers may be hesitant to invest a large budget simply on furniture, unless it enhances the aesthetics of the office itself. Rather than devoting the budget for a chair, the pragmatic solution may seem like investing in more tangible incentives that employees tend to be more appreciative of. However, employers fail to realize that investing in their employees’ health is a win-win situation for both the company and the staff. Employees spend most of their working hours sitting on the chair that the company provides them with. As mentioned, the comfort of the chair maintains the health of the staff which translates to increasing comfort at work and eventually enhances productivity. It also sheds positive branding on the company as one that cares for the welfare of the staff.

Make your move now


So yes, we explained the predicaments of investing a huge amount in ergonomic chairs and the fact that employees might not value it as much as tangible benefits. It is however, important to realize that the credits of long term investments are not always visualizations of the future, but a reality that awaits us.

The things that you overlook may just be the very things that matter. Your employees are bound to value your investment in the long run when they realize the comfort that they have been missing. Start investing in the welfare of your employees and a better corporate image today to proliferate your company productivity. Do browse for the best ergonomic chairs at Benithem that not only provides functional ones but also adds the aesthetic touch to your office.


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