Bangkok, Thailand

#Bangkok, Thailand

Tired of walking into Forever 21 at Orchard Ion and trying to think if that denim skirt is worth the S$40 price tag attached? Or walking through Bugis Street that offers the island’s cheapest clothes but find the hems falling apart? Or love spicy and/or Thai classics like their Tom Yam soup but can’t find an authentic replica anywhere here in sunny Singapore? Book a trip to Bangkok, Thailand this term break. The abundance of things to do, places to go, things to eat promises for a memorable trip with your closest friends.

Bangkok is the go-to destination for many teenage graduates these days, with shopping districts and street markets in abundance that promises some of the lowest prices you can find for the trendiest outfits. The Pratunam Morning Market (daily 6am to 3pm), Chatuchuk Weekend Market (sat & sun 10am to 8pm), Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market (thu to sun 5pm to 12mn) are 3 of the most afamed shopping destinations amongst tourists. Of course, Artbox Bangkok (sat & sun 6pm to 12mn) cannot be missed despite its limited selection of products but it makes for some of the most aesthetic pictures you can take in Bangkok amidst its semi-rundown streets.

Thailand is infamous for its less-than-safe for consumption street food. However, there are things you cannot miss when you make a trip to Bangkok starting with <<Sab X2>> (4/32-32 Soi Petchburi 19 Pratunam; daily 9am to 3pm) that offers you a choice between their famous “Pork Rice” (S$4) and “Wonton Mee” (S$4) that contains fresh crab meat that doesn’t come out of a cab. <<Kway Teow Rua>> (Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak; daily 11am to 9pm) is located at one of Bangkok’s city highlights – Victory Monument, a must-go for tourists. They offer some of the city’s best boat noodles at just S$0.50 a bowl but with their minimalistic portion sizes, it’s common place for many individuals to consume 4 bowls a piece despite a girl’s petite figure. Last on the not-to-be-missed list is <<T&K Seafood>> (49-51 Soi Phading Dao, Yaowarat Road; daily 6pm to 2am) located in the heart of Thailand’s very own Chinatown. Offering you the city’s finest seafood produce at the most affordable prices you can find, and of course not forgetting to try their Tom Yam soup at any opportunity you get, the detour for dinner is definitely worth the S$8 cab fare.

Street food, despite being infamously known by all worldwide for being “unclean” and a risk to your stomach and health, there are things you cannot miss despite the long-standing risk of food poisoning, starting with the world-renowned Thai Milk Tea that can be bought at any almost any shop on the streets or in the malls. With its distinct orange colour, it’s common for many tourists to drink more than 1 glass a day, everyday. And with the swealtering weather worse than that in Singapore, Coconut Ice Cream is another must-try. Available from almost any food cart on the streets, if you do make a trip down to Chatuchuk on the weekends, Coco JJ offers the most authentic coconut ice cream across the island. After You is one of Bangkok’s best desert stops with numerous outlets across the island both standalone and in all them popular shopping malls. The “Shibuya Honey Toast” cannot be missed or you will be the laughing stock of all your friends.

Buying souvenirs back for your friends who have not had your pleasure and/or privilege of taking this trip with you is part and parcel of travelling. For the closer few who you’ve grown up with and you know their clothing size as well as you know your own, going to Bangkok and buying them a few pieces of clothes in their favourite styles is commonplace. But fretting over what to get for the other less-than-best friends? How about the MAMA Shrimp Creamy Tom Yam Flavoured Maggie Mee at only S$2 for a pack of 10; yes it is available in Singapore but despite being from the same company, the difference in manufacturer makes a big different in taste, trust us, the one direct from Bangkok tastes 10 times better. For all the coffee lovers out there, Black Canyon Coffee cannot be missed and they sell take home drip packets at S$2 for a box of 5 filtered packages; despite its low costs, it tastes better than our S$7 cup of Starbucks back here in Singapore. Pretz offers authentic Bangkok flavours in these tiny packets of pocky goodness.

So here you go; your one-stop guide to all things Bangkok-related. Enjoy your next flight!


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