10 items from Taobao you should get for your spanky new BTO.

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10 items from Taobao you should get for your spanky new BTO.

From the arduous process of investing your first $10 in hopes of getting a desirable queue number, all the way to the long agonising wait of four keys before you received your keys to your beloved nest.

The planning of all your renovations, all the way to the large furnishings is an exciting experience for everyone to have. Once all the essentials build up, the need to bring in smaller essentials builds up.

So here you have it, 10 items that’s cheaper in Taobao.

1) Wooden Hangers
I’m always in dire need for extra hangers. Be it for my new clothes or trousers, I just couldn’t have enough to keep my clothes organised. With wooden hangers, everything look so atas its as if you are in your own boutique for your walk-in-wardrobe. Picking out clothes couldn’t get any fancier.

The best part, starting from RMB 26.50 (approx. $5.50) you can get 10 wooden hangers! Even if you were to get 10 sets, say 100 hangers for all your precious clothing, they would work out to only $55! 1https://world.tmall.com/item/15050960529.htm?

2) Dustbins
So, our beloved trash bin has always been overlooked in a household as it obvious role remains stagnant throughout- being a temporary storage for you to gather all your unwanted items before bagging it and bringing out to the refuse area.

They always look boring. But not anymore, in Taobao, you can get them in different colours, different size to fit the different places where you’ll place them. Like in your bathroom, your living area and most importantly, a large size bin in your kitchen!

Here in Taobao, a 5L bin cost RMB 32 (Approx SGD $6.55), a far cry from the usual $20 upwards trash bin you get from our local retailers. Plus, they not the typical plastic bins that you probably see lying in the corner of your room.

The bins here are sleek and modern. Fashion dustbins are now here to stay.

Price: RMB 32 (Approx SGD $6.55)
3) LED Clock
At last! The perfect clock to spice up your work area with a LED illuminated clock! No more boring clocks with traditional faces. Fitting this into the corner of your work desk will help you monitor your time. You know, just in case you spend too much time working.



Price: RMB 70 (Approx SGD $15)


4) Carpet

Behold! This soft fluffy piece to hold your living area together. Carpets are a finishing look to your living area. Aside from that, they are also used in bedroom to boost an overall cozy feel.5Price: RMB 110 (180x200cm) (Approx $23)


5) Wall Deco

Enter a new contender. This little addition to your walls for your living or dining area, these wall deco could add style and eclecticism to your new place.6Price: RMB 57.60 each (Approx SGD 11.82 each)


6) Plates7Lavish and dine in style with these evergreen porcelain plates. You deserve the restaurant dining vibe everyday whilst at home.

Price: RMB 1.80 upwards for a 6” Plate. That’s approximately 40 cents each!!!


7) Juice Glass
Love is having a glass of fresh milk in a glass bearing Good Morning.8Price: RMB 20 (Approx $4.10) for a pair.


8) Bottles
Adorable new bottles are now paving the way to to store our cold water in the refrigerator. You know we’re all guilty of reusing bottles. Now we can have really adorable bottles to fill up our icy cold drinks in this sweltering hot summer weather. Best part, they have a wide opening for you to fill them up with fruits for cold, refreshing fruit infused water!

Time to retire all your old bottles!9Price: RMB 13.80 each ($2.40)


9) Kitchen containers
Opened a huge pack of almonds last night to satisfy your late night cravings but can’t finish the pack you just opened? Or the uncooked leftover pasta? These clear containers are the one you would need to store your unfinished food. You can even get the smallest container to store your sugar cubes! Life is definitely sweeter in these.10Price: RMB 42 (Approx $8.70)


10) Storage
Instead of the usual plain old boxes for your books, smaller items that is conveniently lying around the house creating an eyesore, there are now fabric boxes to keep your belongings!

Flushed storage solutions anyone? 11

Price: RMB 12 (Approx $2.50)

Time to start clicking away!

* While we take pride in providing relevant content, all the info above are accurate as of publication on 14th Sept 2016.
* Currency conversions are worked out in approximation.